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    WA HOMEOWNERS! If you pay over $300 for electricity there is a new 2022 policy that WA power providers don’t want you knowing about.
    If you are lucky enough to live in an active postcode you can get paid to go solar.
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    You will save money from day one after going solar. Solar saves an average of 80% on your energy costs. That means you will start saving money as soon as you finish installing solar at your home. You will also be rewarded with a credit each quarter if you do not use any energy during the period, so your bill will always be affordable.

    Steps to get solar panels
    without net cost

    Step 1: Initial Review

    Answer this short quiz to help us assess your home’s eligibility.

    Step 2: Expert Advice

    After reviewing your responses, our analyst will call you if you conditionally qualify.

    Step 3: Analysis of your home

    When you qualify, you can take advantage of our free consultant who will help you understand your options and determine the best solar savings plan for your home.

    Step 4: Get no net-cost installation

    If you prefer a no-net-cost installation, we will provide you with an offer for one and help you schedule a date for the installation.

    Step 5: Save money on electricity bills

    Save your electricity bill! Fast drop in your electric bill with no net cost to some homes.

    Working of solar

    Solar power is the cleanest, most affordable way to power your home. The solar system converts sunlight into electricity which is usable. Your home utilizes the required electricity. The electricity which you don’t use does not go waste-you will get paid for it.

    Our Happy Clients!

    We have been using solar for over a year now and have seen our solar panel system produce tremendous results. SolarNext team did an excellent job from start to finish on the installation process. We highly recommend SolarNext for your solar needs.
    SolarNext is a high-quality company all around. SolarNext offers the best deals in solar panels, with fast installation and great customer service.Their work on our home went smoothly. We are extremely happy with their service and would highly recommend them to others interested in solar power!
    Our solar panel installation was fantastic. Whenever we needed any assistance, the SolarNext team was readily available. We have never had any problems with our solar panels and love not having an electric bill anymore. Very satisfied with SolarNext!