Are you still interested in looking into a solar system for your home?


Your local CEC approved solar installer tried to call recently to help you along your solar journey, but unfortunately they were unable able to get in touch with you.

Is there a better time that suits your schedule that they can call you back? The call will only take a few minutes and will explain how no-net-cost solar options can work for you to help reduce your energy costs. 

If you would like to schedule a time for a call back, please fill out the call-back request form and your local CEC approved solar experts will be in touch when convenient for you.

Our mission is to help you switch to solar in the easiest, most cost effective way. We’ve connected you with your best local choice for solar in your area and it means a lot to us to do what we can to help you get solar on your rooftop and start saving you money immediately.

How Does Solar Next Work?

We compile the essential info you need to switch to solar. We also offer a consultation service. We find the solar companies that we believe can deliver the highest-quality systems at the most affordable prices to Australian homeowners. We reach out and offer to partner with these companies for a small fee so we can keep the lights on and cover the advertising costs of sharing the benefits of solar with as many Australians as possible.

Ultimately, we want to do our part to combat climate change. One way we can do this is by motivating people to save money and switch to solar.

All of the companies we partner with are Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved and have been independently vetted by us. We test everything: the product brands they use, their customer service department, the technicians they use and the quality of their installations.  This means our visitors can be sure they’re getting great value-for-money and a top quality system that will provide them with solar and reduced energy costs for many years to come.

Our Core Values